How to Meet and Date Asian Women

Many Caucasian men are now having Asian women as their wife and if you are one of those who love to meet and date Asian women with the intent of getting married to one or making great relationships with them, it can be easily done these days wit the convenience of the internet.

Online dating has become popular these days, and for as long as you have an internet connection, you can connect with Asian women online, start with online dating and meet her if you find her personality a good match. Most Caucasian-Asian relationships start online and if you find it convenient, you can also start on this medium too. However, along with the convenience of the internet comes the many frauds and scams even in online dating, thus you have to be cautious as well.

Interracial dating may be interesting but there are also challenges that comes along with its. Understanding the differences in cultures is also another challenge as well. In general, women in Asia are conservative and would not be easily impressed with guys who are trying to get too touchy in dates. Although there are obvious differences in the culture, women in Asia, much more like other women, are strongly impressed by romantic men. They like to feel special and they like to be treated as a woman and not a woman of a different race.

Most Asian women are influenced by love stories and dramas of women playing hard to get and a man who ardently pursue their love and affection, thus most of them are into long courtships and may play hard-to-get. Although Asian women are generally demure, it may take time for them to be sexually comfortable with any men. When it comes to topics about sex, it is often a no-no in the first few dates with Asian ladies. Bringing up the subject of sex in the first few dates you have is a big turn off for most women of Asian descent, so if you want to meet and date Asian women, be cautious in bringing up this subject.

Asian ladies are also quite reserved and may be good at hiding their feelings so it may take time for you to really know them and dating them may mean long term. If you love Asian women or you have that Asian fetish, you may not be able to successfully date Asian women if you let them know ‘you love Asian women’ or you have ‘an Asian fetish’. Don’t treat them as if you are classifying them as different. Treat them like any woman of any race would love to be treated.

Keep in mind that women in Asia may not be as expressive when it comes to saying ‘I love you’ or in expressing what they think. They may not be open to public kissing or showing of emotions in public as well, thus a little understanding on the culture and differences would always be beneficial when it comes to building successful relationships with women in Asia.

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Dating Asian Ladies – Thai Girls Part 1

For those of you who, like me, are attracted to Asian ladies, there are a few things that can help pave the rocky road to a happy and successful relationship. As with any relationship, there are ups and downs, good times and challenging times, but these fluctuations can appear to be much more dramatic and intense with Asian girls. It can sometimes feel as if we are on a roller coaster. The ride is exhilarating, passionate and rewarding and sometimes painfully sobering. One thing that can be said is it is not boring! In this first installment, I want to examine and point out some of my observations and experiences with the lovely ladies of Thailand and hopefully help others to navigate this exotic and treacherous path.

Ahh, the thrill and excitement of being in Thailand, the weather is hot, the food is hot, and oh my, the ladies. It has been said that Thai women are the most beautiful ladies in the world. This of course is subjective and that brings me to my first and maybe most important point about dating Thai ladies or any lady for that matter. It is all subjective, personal, and unique. There can be no absolute ‘understanding’ of Thai ladies. They are all individual, unique and constantly changing. We can discuss some general knowledge about the environment, culture, and common results of how these manifest in the ladies, but we must never forget for one instant that every lady is different. This cannot be emphasized enough. The moment we start generalizing and placing any person into a box of our own conceptions is the beginning of the end. We will never be dealing directly with the other person but rather dealing only with our own limited preconceptions. While many Thai ladies have some things in common, I have found them to be quite unique individuals and I need to almost throw away everything I thought I had learned before when meeting a new girl. So please keep this in mind and it will help with all of your relationships.

The family. The first thing to understand about Thai girls is the fierce loyalty and service they give to their family. Thai girls, especially the eldest sister are bound to take care of their parents and family in any way they can. As a potential partner we must understand this deep bond and commitment. We will ALWAYS be second, and the family will be first. If we can understand and accept this, it will go a long way towards a successful relationship. To underline this loyalty and desire to repay their parents and take care of the family I like to quote a statement made by a friend of mine who works in the nightlife industry. To put it into context, I was having a conversation and trying to convince her that she should take a job for less money working at a factory and stop working in the bars. Her reply, without a moment of hesitation was ‘My body is not for me, my body is not for a man, my body is for my mother. I must do what I can to take care of my mother. This body is not mine, this body is my mothers.’ When I heard this I was floored. I was new to Thailand and Asia and it left me speechless. For all the crazy media hype about girls forced into prostitution and human smuggling, my direct experience from knowing many Thai people is that the mothers are often the biggest pimps, sending their girls to Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya or other destinations to make money. These girls often live quite cheaply, saving every Baht so they can send it home to their mothers. Don’t take my word for it, come here and interview a few ladies yourself. Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand, this is obviously an extreme example but it illuminates the depth of respect and loyalty that Thai girls have for their family, especially their parents. We can only hope to be second best. We will never be a girls number one concern. If it comes down to a decision either for you or for her family, you will lose every time! Understanding this from the beginning, we can then accept it and make the best of it. This being said, the best way of dealing with this, once you are sure you want to make a commitment to a girl, is to embrace her family 100%. This is a whole other ballgame and beyond the scope of this article, but it can be an adventure to say the least.

The second point that I feel is necessary to understand is money. Asia is not the west. We often forget this and try to apply western ideals and customs in dealing with Asian people. Now I am not talking about prostitutes, massage girls or bar girls here when I say that money is very important to Asian ladies. The so called ‘good girls’ are also after money. Now now, don’t get excited. Remember we cannot apply our limited western preconceptions to life in Asia. The parents will want their girl to marry a man that has enough money, A man that can take care of her and the family. This is displayed in the old Thai tradition of ‘Sin sot’ or what we would call a dowry. It is often used as a display of the man’s ability to provide and show his wealth, or readiness to marry. I know of many cases where the sin sot was promptly returned to the man, or put into a joint account owned by the couple or where the Thai family provided either land or a house or both. Now before we get all pious, and look down upon Asians for being so materialistic and only wanting us for our money, we need to take a second and think about the average British or American girl. They also want to marry a rich man, but the way of dealing with this is not as blatant, and in my opinion not as ‘honest’. Thai girls can be very practical. If we do not put our cultural blinders aside, we can be easily put off and angered by the ‘honesty’ displayed in this regard. In Asia, there is no wall dividing sex, dating, marriage and $$-money. Girls are raised in this culture to look at these things together, as one, without the need to separate them out like we do in the west. An attractive girl will likely find a rich husband. Sexual market value and attractiveness are seen in terms of money. In Asia, this is not seen as a bad thing, or with any judgment. We cannot judge Asian people for mixing love and money so loosely if we are to find happiness here. I prefer to think of it as a more honest and open approach. So don’t be surprised if your beloved ‘teerak’ decides to leave you because you don’t have enough money. It is not necessarily that she doesn’t love you, just that love and money are not distinguished so clearly here like they are in the west. The second part of this is to understand that Thai people view westerners as being rich. We will get charged more money for the same services and goods, because the common perception is that we have more money than the Thai people. So even if you are like me, and don’t have much money, you will be perceived as rich, and expected to pay and help out, and it is likely, as said before, that a girl might leave you if you don’t soon show some ability to generate affluence. I know of situations where the girl was even in love with a guy, but here parents would not allow her to marry him because he did not have enough money or a good job. Back to rule number one; she will of course listen to and follow her parents first, and ‘dump the chump’ so to speak in a ‘Bangkok second’! It can be a harsh reality here. In this culture you cannot be expecting much success in finding a good wife if you have limited sexual market value (money). That is the cold hard reality. Now we all know of many worthless Thai guys that are 100% supported by the hard working and loyal wife. They spend the days drinking and gambling and whoring, not working, while the wife or girlfriend works to give him money, Strange but quite true. This will not happen with western men. We are farang-foreigners, and as farang are perceived to be rich, a Thai girl would lose face by having a farang boyfriend or husband that was down on his luck so to speak. Farang are often a status symbol for Thai girls and they are proud to take you back to the village and show you off. Show off the ATM fish they have landed and how they now live the good life. If you cannot play this role and need to pinch every Baht, then your prospects will be limited and short term. In Thailand, it is expected that the man is ready (has $$) to have a girlfriend or wife or he shouldn’t be trying to date. As I said before, every girl is unique and different. I have had some success with Thai girls while living here while I was dirt poor. They will sometimes be happy to go eat ‘street noodles’ (15-25 Baht) with you every day, but this is the exception, not the rule and I am sure the parents would not approve and would want their daughter to be dating a man with more money. It is the same situation as in the west or the world for that matter, just a more honest and ‘in your face’ way of dealing with it.

These two points are the biggies, the short ‘must know’ list for dating a Thai girl. There are countless other cultural and perceptual differences that can be challenging in day to day life with your teerak (darling), but in my opinion they are less important and generally not ‘show stoppers’. In fact, many of these differences you will find to be quite nice. Thai ladies can often be the most attentive and caring mates you will ever meet. In this country, Thai men live like Kings in their house. Thai girls are taught to take care of a man, and groomed from an early age on how to cook, and clean, and fold shirts, and really take care and keep the husband happy. A few examples I can think of from my previous girlfriends are things like nail clipping or zit popping on your back, or massages. I can’t imagine how impossible it would be to get the common American girl to cut your finger and toenails for you, much less pop the zits on your back! I did not know what to say when a former Thai girlfriend started doing these things for me. How many western ladies in this generation actually cook and clean and take of their man? No, they want a maid, or you should cook for them, or take them out to dinner. Not in Thailand, many ladies I have dated were very anxious to show me that they can cook, and when they visit your apartment they will naturally start to clean it up for you and fold your clothes. I remember a few years ago, walking into the bathroom one morning feeling all groggy from sleep. I walked up to the bathroom sink and started to reach for my toothbrush and noticed it already had toothpaste on it! My teerak had prepared my toothbrush for me so when I woke up it was waiting for me to use. Try to get the common bitchy feminist western girl to do that one. I dare ya! I will stand back a safe distance and watch! No, Thai girls are very smart, they know they will get what they want by being nice, feminine, and taking care of their mans needs.

So I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the plunge and experience what it is like dating a good Thai girl. I would strongly suggest not trying to make a common bargirl into a loyal wife when there are so many nice girls that are dying to meet a good farang man. It is simply not worth the hassle and heartaches, why add more problems to what can already be a challenging situation. So, keep your preconceptions, western ideals, and judgments in check, take a dose of patience, and keep an open mind and I am sure you will not regret it. The ride may be a little bumpy here and there, but it is worth the price of admission.

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Asian Ladies

Asian ladies are fun to have as friends or as dates when you get to know them better. Normally, they come from big families and are used to relating with a big number of people – their immediate families are usually called clans, and they normally grow up with many siblings. Asia is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, population wise.

The young Asian ladies now are mostly using cellular phones as their means of communication with their loved ones and especially with their boyfriends, and this communication tool is even popular among gang mates. This is because a cell phone is much cheaper than a computer and is very portable and convenient to carry around wherever the girl goes.

But the Internet and the computer are fast catching up as a means of getting to know foreign men whom they hope they can get as boyfriends or even as husbands eventually.

Americans and Western men are normally good-looking – this is what any young Asian lady would want as a friend – mostly starting online. Young girls now visit Internet cafes regularly to chat with their men-friends in far-off lands.

Considering the extensive, worldwide reach of the Web now, these chats with their boy friends are normal happenings inside the Internet cafes, now found even in remote rural areas of Asia. Many dating relationships are cooked up this way with the American boyfriend eventually traveling out to the provinces (of the Philippines, for example) to meet their new-found loves and their folks.

Especially at this time when it is winter in America and the Western nations, it is not surprising for the men to fly out to the warmer areas of the globe, and experience the sunny and warm beaches year-round. You can always see now American men with their dates of Asian ladies enjoying the sea and the sun.

Asian ladies, in their posts in a website will often appear playful and daring when they entice the men viewers with their pictures, and with the way they describe themselves. That is why they are fun to have as dates.

But when you go beyond just dating and linking up with them in marriage, you will be making the right move. They are very loving and caring of their husbands and are good homemakers.

When you beget children with them later, you can be confident that they will be very good mothers to your kids. They come from big families where the daughters, especially, get trained early on how to care for their younger siblings. You can be assured that you will be a proud father later of good-looking children.

What Types Of Western Men Like Dating Asian Women

The Internet is flooded with information to help a western man find the perfect Asian woman of his dreams or win the hottest Asian girl, however there’s not much information about the type of men who like dating Asian women. No wonder oriental woman are highly sought after by westerners for their exotic beauty, skin color, hair type, slim and slender figure, etc. In this article we will discuss in detail about the types of men who like dating or even marrying women from Asian countries.

If you look at the western men seeking actively Asian women through the online dating sites or at the bars or clubs, they can be widely classified into these six types:

The One Who Has the ‘Asian Fever’

He is the one who has the Asian Fever or Yellow Fever, often referred to as the Mr. Asiaphile who is deeply attracted to the Asian culture and women. He has perhaps read a lot about Asia or heard about Asian women from his friends and he would treat you like an object of desire. Beware of his stereotype thoughts because this might amuse you in the beginning, but he might treat you unfairly based on the notions he has about Asian women.

The One Who Is Interested In Asian Culture

Unlike the Mr. Asiaphile who pretend to be very knowledgeable, these types of western men are truly in love with Asian culture and they try learning more about it out of their love and respect for it. They first fall in love with Asian culture and then with the Asian women. He seeks oriental woman mainly because of the culture and the values he learns about them.

The Simple Mr. Westerner

These types of western men are attracted to you in the same way like he is attracted to any western woman. He might like an Asian woman for her gorgeous looks, independent nature, intelligence, or polite behavior. This attraction is very natural and this has nothing to do with the Asian culture. If you think you like an Asian woman instantly even before realizing her true origin, you belong to this type.

The Curious Western Man

There are many western men who are adventurous in nature and they like the mystic aura associated with Asian women. They have no idea about Asian culture and have never come across any Asian before. The Asian woman he meets online will be his first reference to this kind and he seeks them mainly because he is attracted by the exotic appearance and he might later fall in love with the culture if a serious relationship develops with his Asian girlfriend.

The ‘Want It All’ Western Man

These types of western man are usually dual natured. They would want their Asian girlfriend to be independent and financially stable, while at the same time be the typical submissive Asian woman who sacrifices her personal life for the man. He expects his girlfriend to be completely faithful to him and not make a fuss about him being socially active with other woman.

Asian dating sites have a large number of and different types of western men seeking Asian woman for a casual date or a serious relationship. As a western man, you will also find a wide variety of single Asian woman ranging from the career minded lady or the one looking for a casual fling to the one looking for a serious relationship.

It is difficult to tell the exact reason that might attract a western man to an Asian woman, but it is important for both the parties to work out the cultural differences and make sure that they are compatible with each other before taking the relationship to the next level.

Why Dating Asian Women is a Good Way to Find a Life Partner

Of all the reasons why dating Asian women is a good way to find a partner for life, their charm, femininity and commitment to husband and family must surely be among the most important. In fact it is their family commitment that distinguishes the average Asian woman from her western counterpart.

It is likely that the first qualities of Asian women that would attract attention are their lovely skin and knock-out smiles. However, that can be true of many women, and men visiting cities such as Jakarta, or surfing an online Indonesian dating agency, will be looking for more than just looks.

In that respect, for many men the main reason why dating Asian females is such an attractive prospect is exactly the type of family commitment stated above: the way they care for their husband, look after the home and cherish their children. That is in no way being sexist, since it is a way of life for Asian women. They have a different ethos to family than that of Westerners.

Asians do not put their parents in nursing homes at the earliest opportunity, but hold a deep respect for them, and the average Indonesian family will consist of three or more generations. In addition to this commitment to family, an Indonesian woman has a strength of character rarely seen in the West, their apparent submissiveness being only an outward manifestation of the respect and love they hold for their husband.

Asians do not hive off their children to strangers as soon as possible so they can get back to work or college. Sure, it happens, but not to the same extent as in the West, and even though a good education is highly prized, Asian women will sacrifice their education for the sake of their family. Not so in the USA or Europe.

In reality Asian ladies are strong, intelligent and well educated, and are not slow in making their views known if needs be. They are raised in a family-oriented environment with the welfare of their family uppermost in their minds. That is why dating Asian girls is so popular among many Western men: they have had their fun, but are now ready to settle down and they feel that Asians are more liable to offer them the family life that they want, and look after their children while remaining faithful to them.

Young Asian women are raised with the belief that chastity is important, and to marry without being a virgin would be demeaning and infer that they were unable to achieve a ‘good’ marriage. They are also taught to be faithful within marriage, another reason why dating Asian females is attractive to men wanting to settle down.

Asian women are also raised with a deep religious faith that is taught to their children, and goes well with their deep sense of family values. Due to this ethos of family care, Indonesian women are ready to give the same level of love and care to their own husband and family once they are married because that is the way they were raised themselves.

Culturally, Asian wives remain at home to look after the home and family while the men work to provide the financial and material needs of the family. Although well educated they would happily sacrifice their career and happiness for the needs of their family. It is for such reasons why dating Asian women is considered part of their life plan for many men.

Indonesian women are not only faithful and caring, but are fun to be with, and extremely loyal to their husbands. Yes, Asian women do get divorces, but divorce is not nearly as common in Asia as in the USA or Europe, although reforms over the past ten years had led to an increase in Indonesian divorces.

Many Asian women look upon a college education as being important to them, and indeed, many are well educated and are therefore able to hold their own in a serious conversation. The Western idea of Asian women being subservient, uneducated and withdrawn is a myth perpetrated by ignorance. In fact, they are more capable than Westerners of conversing in languages other than their own, particularly in English. They are also more able to adapt to different cultures.

If you take the time to learn more about Asian women and their culture you will begin to understand why dating Asian women is popular among western men, and a good online dating service in Indonesia or Asia as a whole can help you with that.

Dating Asian Women – What To Do and What Not To Do

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about dating Asian women? If so, you’re obviously not the only man to do so, particularly if you’re American. In America, unfortunately, Asian women have become one of the most dreamed about sexual fantasies in existence. There are millions of men all across the country who view Asian women as nothing more than sexual objects and fantasies. While there is nothing wrong with fantasizing, the last thing you want to do is let a woman think that all you want from her is sex.

A Cautionary Note

Dating Asian women is just like dating any other woman. You must approach this particular kind of woman with extra sensitivity, though, especially if you’re an American man. Asian women already know how they are viewed in America, and maybe it’s flattering – but only to a degree. Most men think that if they let an Asian woman know that they want to have sex with her, she will be turned on and willingly surrender. However, most of these women will react in the same manner as any other woman would and feel suddenly disgusted, turned off, and disrespected. So with that in mind, the number one thing you should do is treat her like a lady.

You may have endless fantasies about Asian women, but be careful not to let them know that, at least not in the beginning.

So, Go Find an Asian Woman!

The first thing you should do if you’re really interested in dating Asian women is to go out and find one. Unfortunately, you’re not likely to locate a woman of this ethnicity just anywhere. You may have to go to an Asian store, bar, club, or restaurant to find her. Make sure that you refrain from coming on too aggressively once you see an Asian girl that you like. Act naturally and start a conversation, perhaps talking about how great the food is or how much you like the song currently playing on the radio.

Relax: Some Rejection is Normal

Keep in mind that you may experience some rejection. If she isn’t interested, you’ll know it. You’ll be able to uncover her disinterest by her facial expressions and body language. Instead of seeming open and flirty, she’ll seem distant, closed off, and might possibly have her arms crossed and you may even spot an eye-roll or two.

Respect her Culture

Something you should never do is disrespect her culture. You might just find out that she practices a different religion or prefers food that is drastically different from you. If you want to offend an Asian woman, letting her know that you think she is strange is the way to do it. Before you even know what’s going on, she’ll be headed in the other direction with her mind made up that she wants nothing more to do with you.

She’s a Person, Not an Object

It’s easy to blow it when dating Asian women. The best way to attract her interest is to act genuinely interested in what she has to say. Don’t let her find you gawking at her every sudden movement. It’s okay to be mesmerized by her beauty, but remember that you must treat her like a person with a brain as well. Let her talk about what she’s interested in and be sure to listen. Also, don’t confuse her as Chinese or Japanese – Asian women hate that.


A last tip for picking up an Asian woman is to make sure you go about it the correct way – get it right the first time. Remember, just because she isn’t American doesn’t mean she is stupid. And, these women have feelings just like everyone else. So, dating Asian women can present somewhat of a challenge, but as long as you understand and apply the above tips, you should have no difficulties.

How to Date Asian Women – Some Tips You May Find Useful

Interracial dating has been growing these days as the advent of the internet has made communication from all over the world convenient and easy. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can actually get to talk to a woman you would love to date. If you love Asians and you want to learn how to date Asian women, here are a few tips you might find useful.

– Asian women, like any other women, love to be treated special. This has nothing to do with whether she is Asian or not. Women in general loves to be treated special by any man.

– Break the traditional first dates. Break the formality of first dates. You don’t have to ask her to a dinner date or a movie or an awkward first class dining. Be a good friend and make your first few dates and meetings fun. These traditional dates may cause more pressure and awkwardness for Asian ladies and your efforts may all be put to waste. Try those fun and relaxed meetings or invitations for coffee or going out and enjoying something that may interest both of you.

– Asian ladies are often reserved and not openly vocal about their feelings and their thoughts, thus if you truly like the woman, invest in making her feel comfortable at first. It may take time to get to know her better. Keep in mind too that Asian girls may play hard-to-get as a test of sincerity for them, so if you want to learn how to date Asian women, try to be patient.

– Impress them by your actions. Asian ladies are not expressive and vocal in terms of their feelings and in displaying affection publicly, thus they often do it through their actions. If you want to impress them, you impress them through actions as well and not just by merely saying everything.

– Asian families have strong family ties. Most often, dating also involves getting to know the family as well and getting along with the rest of the family members. if you want to win an Asian girl’s heart, then you have to have an effort to get along well with the rest of the family as well.

– Don’t tell an Asian woman that ‘you love Asian women’ or you have an ‘Asian fetish,’ or anything that may emphasize racial differences. They may get easily turned off and may end your opportunity to bond with them. End the stereotypes. Offensive comments may forever turn off women and may stay away from you forever. Treat her like a any woman special to you should be treated.

– Be cautious in opening up the subject of sex. Asian ladies are generally conservative and do not find it comfortable talking about sex with a guy, thus you have to take extra caution in bringing up this subject with her.

– Learn the Asian culture. You don’t have to act like an Asian if you want to learn how to date Asian women, but it helps a lot to learn about their culture and practices. Being able to respect that difference will help you become more admirable to Asians and their women as well.