What Types Of Western Men Like Dating Asian Women

The Internet is flooded with information to help a western man find the perfect Asian woman of his dreams or win the hottest Asian girl, however there’s not much information about the type of men who like dating Asian women. No wonder oriental woman are highly sought after by westerners for their exotic beauty, skin color, hair type, slim and slender figure, etc. In this article we will discuss in detail about the types of men who like dating or even marrying women from Asian countries.

If you look at the western men seeking actively Asian women through the online dating sites or at the bars or clubs, they can be widely classified into these six types:

The One Who Has the ‘Asian Fever’

He is the one who has the Asian Fever or Yellow Fever, often referred to as the Mr. Asiaphile who is deeply attracted to the Asian culture and women. He has perhaps read a lot about Asia or heard about Asian women from his friends and he would treat you like an object of desire. Beware of his stereotype thoughts because this might amuse you in the beginning, but he might treat you unfairly based on the notions he has about Asian women.

The One Who Is Interested In Asian Culture

Unlike the Mr. Asiaphile who pretend to be very knowledgeable, these types of western men are truly in love with Asian culture and they try learning more about it out of their love and respect for it. They first fall in love with Asian culture and then with the Asian women. He seeks oriental woman mainly because of the culture and the values he learns about them.

The Simple Mr. Westerner

These types of western men are attracted to you in the same way like he is attracted to any western woman. He might like an Asian woman for her gorgeous looks, independent nature, intelligence, or polite behavior. This attraction is very natural and this has nothing to do with the Asian culture. If you think you like an Asian woman instantly even before realizing her true origin, you belong to this type.

The Curious Western Man

There are many western men who are adventurous in nature and they like the mystic aura associated with Asian women. They have no idea about Asian culture and have never come across any Asian before. The Asian woman he meets online will be his first reference to this kind and he seeks them mainly because he is attracted by the exotic appearance and he might later fall in love with the culture if a serious relationship develops with his Asian girlfriend.

The ‘Want It All’ Western Man

These types of western man are usually dual natured. They would want their Asian girlfriend to be independent and financially stable, while at the same time be the typical submissive Asian woman who sacrifices her personal life for the man. He expects his girlfriend to be completely faithful to him and not make a fuss about him being socially active with other woman.

Asian dating sites have a large number of and different types of western men seeking Asian woman for a casual date or a serious relationship. As a western man, you will also find a wide variety of single Asian woman ranging from the career minded lady or the one looking for a casual fling to the one looking for a serious relationship.

It is difficult to tell the exact reason that might attract a western man to an Asian woman, but it is important for both the parties to work out the cultural differences and make sure that they are compatible with each other before taking the relationship to the next level.